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I managed to start talking about how I was twelve, and I had this acute onset of low grade fevers, eye pain, stiff neck and headaches.
I explained the first doctor I saw told my mother he felt I might have been making it up for attention purposes. I explained the condition persisted for many weeks and my mother brought me in to a second doctor. This doc diagnosed me with Viral Meningitis. I stayed for a weekend in the hospital, and immediately after my lumbar puncture the head pressure disappeared, and so did the other acute symptoms. The only med I was treated with during the hospital stay was Tylenol and was sent home after three or four days.

I explained "That’s where it all started." "The bizarre symptoms." "When I returned to school I noticed when I tried to concentrate it felt like my focus exploded into little pieces. It felt like something in my brain would short circuit when I attempted to read. I went through my first experience with unexplained anxiety the following year and became aware of a bad taste in my mouth. Then the fogginess the year following along with the dizziness and fatigue. The dry sinus congestion I was plagued with for years and how I had two turbinate reductions which did nothing to resolve the symptoms. I talked about getting lost in the store- being unable to remember how to find my way out or how I would open the refrigerator and just stand there for several minutes trying to remember what I wanted, then remembering, then looking and loosing the thought of what I wanted, over and over and over again. I explained this could happen six or seven times. Sometimes, I'd just give up and walk away from the fridge and come back a few minutes later, or I might have to kneel down and just started taking one thing at a time out of the fridge in order to find what I was looking for.
Dr. Raxlen listened intently and allowed me to keep going. He didn't interrupt.
I talked about my job and how I was out last year for three months to deal with my divorce situation and this year, eight weeks for an ACL repair and now six weeks with my current situation. I explained I was so low that if someone said "Go to work or I'll shoot you in the head, I would say "Go right ahead."

I reached in my stop and shop bag and pulled out my supplements and explained how the Oleda Veggie caps have allowed me really to get as far as I have. Without a word he unscrewed the cover and popped one in his mouth. He turned the bottle on its side and read/said.. "Hmmm, broccoli, carrots, and spinach."

Now typically when people see me take these supplements, whether it be people I work with or a family member I generally get the feeling they are wondering "Whats the deal with this guy?" To see a doc come to that level beside me like that was very, very satifying.

He said, "Right now we need to find a way for you to hold onto your home." He had some good suggestions and I liked the fact that he was not caught up with the years of symptoms I just dumped on him. He was very personal and had a very refreshing, as they say "down to earth" feel. It felt like we were two guys, two friends trying to figure a way to build a business and make it work.

Finally we discussed the positive lab results for both IGG and IGM bands, the adrenal disfunction, low output of Testerone, etc.

Finally, Dr. R. said "Rodney, can you tell me what your expectations of today's visit are?"
I said without hesitation, "I need you to save my life."
His eye brows lifted and I had no idea what he was going to say.

"That's..... a lot."
"Let’s go" he said.
Up we stood and made our way towards the office again.

I couldn't help but notice loose pills and vials of all different colors and shapes sitting in open containers. He asked me to open my left hand and in it, he placed a vial that read "b burgdorferi” then he had me raise my right arm and asked me to resist as he pressed towards the floor. Then he placed vials of various medications in my hand and I held them in my fist. We tried again, with me resisting and I would not have believed it if someone told me this, but I was rock solid in resisting him with most of the vials. He would take the vial back and when I tried to resist, I had no strength again. He said "amazing, isn't it?" And I said "I wasn't sure if it was you, how could that possibly be?" I said "Nothing went into my blood stream." He said "Bioresonance" and I immediately remembered I read much about this in Doctor Jernigan's book. "OK" I said and he could see by my expression, there was no explanation needed.

He felt based on our discussion outside about the severe fatigue and my reaction to the vial of babesia, this is a coinfection that has been overlooked or not tested by a reliable lab.

I left his office and stepped into the next room. One of the assistants drew several vials of my blood and Dr. R asked her to draw a syringe and show me how to inject B-12.

Doctor R worked away in the other room. He began writing scripts for the following-

IV Rocephin with PICC line.
B-12 and syringes
Brain SPECT scan
Neurocognitive functionality test

I was also handed a list of nutraceutical's which are available for purchase online.
On my way out, Dr. R came to the open window area and reached through, shook my hand and said "Just hang in there Rodney." I knew then, he had absolutely every intention to help me out of this and I stepped out onto the busy NY pavement and headed home.