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HI Alyce,
I don't think you are over medicating yourself at all. I have taken Xanax off and on for over 10 years with no problems of dependency. I can go weeks even months without, then some weeks I will need 2 or 3 in a day for several days in a row. I don't have alot of anxiety, but for some reason the Xanax helps with physical symptoms I have. I have been having alot of pelvic pressure and pain lately and the Xanax works better than Tylenol. I wish vitamins helped me, but I have tried them all in every combination and it didn't make much difference. I say take what helps you make it thru. You have got to have some quality of life. I have respect for the women who say they want to go thru menopause naturally and won't take any drugs. If I could bunker down in the house 24/7 that might be ok, but facing the outside world everyday I need some help! Ann