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I have severe pain in both eyes about mid-point on the upper side. It can cause dry irritated eyes, blurred vision, and headache...right between the eye brow (sp) area and can turn to a migraine. Eye movement hurts and feels like a sharp spear going through the eye at the top. I'm usually o.k. in the morning, but within an hour of being up it's back. I've been putting off injections for 2 1/2 years for obvious reasons, I just keep thinking, there has to be another way. The OTC anti-inflammatories don't cut it...like Tylenol. The first time this happened was when I had a bad fibro flare. The second time, over worked, and every so often it flares up. Nothing new, however, the ophthomologist said since there are "snowballs" that it's going on again. You can look it up for more info by just typing in "pars planitis".
Good luck! Theresa