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does he have his back molars yet? around his age, they start cutting those back molars and that is HORRIBLE! my youngest is cutting hers right now (she's almost 20 mos) and has been for at least 4 months! she doesn't sleep that great either. we give her ibuprofen or tylenol along with homeopathic teething tablets before bedtime and that seems to help her settle down. when she wakes at night i will sometimes give her more teething tablets and either tylenol or ibuprofen (which ever one i didn't give her at bedtime!). anyway... totally understand the lack of sleep! hope it gets better for you! :)

oh! when we put our oldest into a twin bed, we bought a baby gate and put it in her doorway so she can't get out of her room and wander through the house in the middle of the night (i have this fear of one of them getting out the front or back door without us knowing!) might be worth a try....if your son knows he can't get out of his room, he might give it up and stay in his bed?
ok, as for bed feelin like ours, his bed is sooo much more comfortable then ours so i doubt thats it.
i dont really think its sleep apnea i have looked into that he barely has symptoms of it.
we have a bedtime routine, he loves it, but it dont solve the prolem.

and no, i was thinkin maybe it was his molars too, but nothing helps, we also use tylenol and teething tablets. as for getting out of his room. his door is shut with a thing on it so he cant get out, we have tried the gate thing, he kinda outsmarted that one and learned to climb the gate.

he has never slept all night, NEVER, but its getting worse the older he gets:o