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When my daughter had them, I gave her children's tylenol for the fever and headache and put calomine lotion on the itchy bumps. To be safe, I would read the labels for age dosage specs as I am not sure of a 2 year old and the calomine.

I have heard that an oatmeal bath is soothing (aveeno).

My daughter had them for a week. It was pitiful.

Good luck!!
When our two boys had it we put them in the tub three or four times a day for an oatmeal bath and it seemed to really bring a lot of relief. You can also give some Benadryl but call the doctor or a pharmacist for the correct dose for a two year old. They will want to know his weight when you ask. Before he breaks out, if his fever and/or head are bothering him you can give some children's tylenol. Hopefully since he has had the vaccine he will just get a mild case.