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:( my baby woke up last night throwing up, and had a temp of 103.6... the whole night her temp ran in the 101-103 range, and she threw up one more time. we took her to her doc today, and he said it was probably viral, keep her hydrated, etc... all the typical stuff they tell you. he said if the fever seemed to bother her, give her something for it, but otherwise let it run it's course. okay, i absolutely agree with that.

here's my issue... my daughter's temperature has stayed in the 103-104 range all evening, inspite of our giving her tylenol and ibuprofen (not simultaneously), and now, it's up to 105.1. she hasn't thrown up since this morning, and will drink juice and has enough wet diapers that i don't worry about dehydration. but 105.1 is kind of scary to me!

has anyone else had a child with fever this high inspite of medication? when do i need to panic???