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my toddler has been consistantly running 102-105 since thursday night. it goes down to 101-102 when we give her motrin or tylenol, and briefly yesterday morning, it actually went down to 99 for an hour or so, but then shot back up to 104! she's crankier than usual, and wants to be held more than usual, and occasionally screams like she's in pain, and i wonder if it could be a urinary tract infection or bladder infection??? so far we haven't been able to tell if she is screaming at the same time as wetting her diaper (like if it was wet before she screamed...), but does that sound like a possibility? :)
This is a typical strep or ear infection response.. I would be betting ears. The high fever may be dehydrating her. Get her to your pediatricain and get anti-biotics ASAP. If there was vomiting involved I would say Rotavirus with fevers that high. You have to keep that fever down below 103. Alternate tylenol and motrin in three hour intervals... i.e. Tylenol.. then three hours later motrin.. then after three more hours tylenol. Do not allow it to lapse.

If you leave it untreated and it is an ear infection. Permanent damage may result to hearing, and evently the ear drum will rupture as a result of positive internal ear fluid pressure. A ruptured ear drum is extremely painful and takes months to heal.