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I had a lap done in early November. When they say that it's a minor surgury they mean it. The prep for surgury was nothing really as the other stated you can't eat or drink anything after midnight and I couldn't take any advil or tylenol for a week prior. When I got to the hospital they took blood work and a pregnacy test, they inserted and IV and I was off for the lap. The procedure took just under an hour. When I woke up I had no pain at all (they give you pain meds) other then a little discomfort in my ribs and shoulders due to all the gas they fill you up with. Once I was no longer grogy and I could get up and pee the nurses discharged me. I was not allowed to drive for 24 hours. I was in hardly any pain at all. For me the next morning was worse then the day before, but thats only because I was stiff and all the nmedication had woren off, but by the afternoon I was out shopping. I went back to work 2 days after the surgury. ;)