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Thanks for giving me a chance to post my problem.
I am suffering from fever(sometimes high cold fever at night(103 F)) for the last 15 days.I dont have insurance so I went to a doctor in my area who gave me some antibiotics for the first week.Also used tylenol along with them.When I use tylenol(fever and pain reliever) the fever goes down and agin it comes back after 6 or 7 hrs.This continued for a week.After one week I had a couple of ulcers at the back of my tongue.The fever started again and the doctor told me that I need an injection(a shot) and gave some more medicines.Its been more than two weeks and I am still suffering from fever.I am having little sleep at night.Ulcers are gone but still dont feel like eating food.The most important thing is I am feeling weak,unable to concentrate on work and unable to stay all day long at work.I am so much worried about my health now.Please suggest what these symptoms look like and all your help is very much appreciated.