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hi everyone lemme start by saying this is a great advise forum and has some wonderful members...

my problem...

about 2 weeks ago everyday i would start sneezing alot sometimes 8-9 times in a row figured it was nothing so kept on then i noticed i got sick headache/fever/runny nose..

i took nyquil tylenol advil not at once but throughout the 4-5 days i was sick slowly started to get better.

then out of the blue i felt an itch on my arm so i scratched it a bit then i realized my other arm was itching started scratching that 2 then my legs/stomache/lower back...

when i finally looked in the mirror it was a mess all these red blotchy crazy spots all over my body but not raised just patches..

as hard as it was to fall asleep i did when i woke up they were all gone like it was a nightmare but it wasnt cause come the next day i started itching again... same thing happened but worst all over my back to...

i looked up images of what it might be it sort of looks like hives i saw a nurse who said its just an allergic reaction to something..

but ive never had this happen to me ever and im 28 for as long as i can remember i havent been allergic to anything..

i have nothing new in the house except a mouse that we keep trying to catch..

is it possible he is causing this??

or is it possible i was bit by something?