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My 3 yr old daughter was running in the kitchen towards the living room, She wasn't really watching where she was going and caught the corner of the counter on the furthest left side of her forehead. About 15 seconds later she started screaming. then within a minute a small goose egg popped out with a small cut on it. It probably didn't get much bigger because I put a cool cloth on for a while. But she wasn't acting normal she is delayed in her speech anyway. But I kept asking her if she was ok and she didn't answer or talk for about 5-10 minutes later. She was also acting very angry for a few minutes.
Then she was acting normal again about 30 minutes after. And of course things that happen occur usually on a saturday night. But I kept her up for a few hours. Now she is in bed, I just checked on her and she seems ok. I know some things from hitting your head don't occur until awhile after.
Her pupils are even and she didn't lose conciousness.
I didn't give her any motrin,tylenol she didn't want it.
Any advice?
She is still complaining her head hurts but seems ok I gave her some tylenol a few minutes ago. Although we went to the store today and wound up falling asleep in the carriage (which usually is no big suprise) But today it was just different it was like she had no control over her head,like she was really OUT of it. It was weird, then she was fine.
See how she does tomorrow.