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So Friday evening I pick my son up from visitin with his grandma and he has a fever and wouldnt do anything put lay there, i brought him home and he ate and played but still stayed warm with a slight fever. that night he DID NOT sleep, he would sleep 20 minutes then wake for about 10, I out him in bed with me and hubby, still no luck. he was so hot and sweaty and cranky, the next morning he was still the same way, but playing a little so i took him to the doc, they said all that is wrong is he is getting his top molars "2 year molars" as she called it, he will be 2 on the 29th. I know teeth hurt coming in, but 2 days later he STILL runing a slight fever and cranky. he is only sleeping because she told me to keep giving him tylenol every 4 hours.
anyone went through this over teeth? I have never had trouble with him with any teeth coming in:confused:
well, i am giving him tylenol, but today he seems to have been hit with diarea...idk if its a bug or teeth anymore:(
[QUOTE=JuniorsMommy929;3199630]well, i am giving him tylenol, but today he seems to have been hit with diarea...idk if its a bug or teeth anymore:(

When my DD was cutting her molars, she ran a fever for a few days. Actually with every tooth, it was a few days of fevers.:( The diarrhea with teething is usually caused by the over abundance of drool kids produce when they are teething. Although it seems like it is all running down the front of them, lol, alot is being swallowed loosening everything up. Also, it could be any dairy if he has had any. Try the motrin between the doses of tylenol to help with inflammation in his gums. The two rotated every 4 hours really work well for fevers, also. Good luck, I hope he gets to feeling better soon.
so last night we went to his grandparents for dinner, when he tried to eat he would cry, he would eat a piece, cry, eat a piece, cry. i felt so bad for him. so he got so cranky we left and he came home and went to bed by himself at 730. around 9 he woke up crying and sweat pouring off of him, he started coughing and gagging, when he coughs he cries so it makes me think he has a sore throat. he was completly out of it, he can talk up a storm, and all he would say or do is lay there grabbing his ears with his eyes shut saying "nanananana" he was warm all night, with the tylenol, and only sleeping because he is tylenol's up....he woke up at 5 am, screaming, EAT EAT. I was at a loss so i said ok, he didnt eat dinner maybe he is actually hungry, so i said ok come on mommy will make you food, and he said no. i finally figured out, he wanted his teething tablets, because when i give them to him i say eat. now im wondering if its maybe his molars are making his throat and ears sore?? Im calling the doctor back today and having him checked again, I myself woke up with a cold this morning, its really hard to tell at this point what is going on!!