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Let me start from the beginning.. Back in May I had a really bad ear infection which I got medication for and it got a bit better.. I then went back to the doctors and they gave me nasal spray to go along w/ the ear infection. A month later I didn't feel great so I went back to the doctors only to be told I had Walking Pneumonia. I was prescribed 5 red pills and after taking them I felt much better. Since then I've been feeling horrible again. I'm always tired, my head feels like it's full of pressure (this seems to be affecting my vision). It feels like my eyes are always straining. It's not like I can't see I just find it hard to concentrate and focus on things. The only time I feel good is when I'm laying down in bed. I went to the doctor for these symptoms and was put on puffers (orange and blue). I don't know why they would put me on puffers.. So a few days later I went to the hospital and waited to see a doctor.. It was a long wait and he told me just to take Tylenol. My guess is I have a sinus infection, but since I don't feel any pain when he pushed on my forhead or under my eyes the doctor says no. So far I've tried allergy pills, puffers, Tylenol, nasal spray and eye drops (just incase it I was getting the head pressure because my eyes were dry). Anyways this feels like it's controlling my life. I never feel like doing anything and I feel exhausted when I do. I just want to be able to see properly and have energy again. Does anyone have an idea.

PS>> I've been to the eye doctor 20/20 and I had a physical and my blood work came back fine.