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Clarry, I began eating canned pears & peaches as soon as I got home. I drank the pear juice too at this time. I am eating lots of fiber and drinking water too. I also started eating Activia. Anything that I think would help me move my bowels. Still having a little gas from time to time. Nothing terrible. Gas was the worst thing. I felt pressure and pulling on both sides of my tummy but no severe pain. I only took 1 pain killer when I got home and then tylenol. Having the gall bladder removed seems like nothing. That surgeon went through some of the same lapro holes.

I will be curuious to hear how you do on your pre op visit. Neither of my surgeons would promise to do the proceedures laproscopically. They both said they would try, but if they encountered any problems then they would have to cut.

I am feeling better with each day. Just some discomfort (mostly pressure) from sitting or standing too long. Waiting is the hardest. Oh, I only went into menopause at 57 and was still having hot flashes. But now the sweats are the worst. Just woke up in a river!