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Well, how's this for encouragement: There is enough Acetaminophen in the quantity that you are taking to give a normal person who doesn't use it regularly an acute overdose. The maximum daily intake that your liver can handle is around 4g.
Tramadol has, what, 500mg of Acetaminophen in each pill? So 2 pills = 1g. 10 pills= 5g. 20 pills = 10g. And so on and so forth.

You are literally killing yourself by taking in so much Acetaminophen (Tylenol) every day. You liver is what it hits and since the liver can't handle the overload, it passes the duty on to the kidneys, which were not intended to do the work of the liver, and thus it destroys both organs.
I have no doubt that your liver and kidneys are damaged if you have been doing this for any length of time.

Tramadol is non-narcotic, but your body can and will become dependent on it just like it does with narcotics, only to a lesser degree. You can quit cold turkey and have 3 days of withdrawals, or taper down to a few doses a day.

I was taking 20 a day, 5 at a time, when I was on them and quit cold turkey. It was a rough couple of days, mainly just the mood swings and not so much the craving like a narcotic withdrawal.
Some of them have the tylenol in them, the Tramadol. Just check your bottle and it will tell you.
[QUOTE=72575;3213468]Some of them have the tylenol in them, the Tramadol. Just check your bottle and it will tell you.

no tramadol has tylenol in it....just ultracet
[QUOTE=cam724;3220253]no tramadol has tylenol in it....just ultracet

****pedia says that: Tramadol is usually marketed as the hydrochloride salt (tramadol hydrochloride) and is available in both injectable (intravenous and/or intramuscular) and oral preparations. It is also available in conjunction with paracetamol (acetaminophen).

lol... so, whatevah! :D

Isn't Ultracet just Tramadol w/tylenol, then?

I'm just going from what my doctor had told me when I was on it, that's all. No big deal. If she is taking something with the acetaminophen in it, then she needs to be aware that it is very harmful and can even be fatal. Didn't want to get in a label debate with anyone. ;)

Anyway, I remember one being different from the other, too. The Ultracet, I believe, gave a certain euphoric feeling (though it paled in comparison to any real narcotic pain meds) when I was taking it, while the other version did not, or at least that is the way I recal. I think it was the Ultracet then that I had the withdrawals from when I quit CT.