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I haven't, Pumpkin -- BTW, congrats on six weeks!!!!!

I, too, had just about a full box of Chantix I'd paid full price for. I thought I'd keep it in case I had a meltdown or something. I went off it way early and was sort of afraid I might need it down the road.

Personally, I think your question about popping a half or a whole one when a craving hits really requires a medical opinion. I say that because we titrate initially and most are weaning off. I know when I have a headache, I can just take an aspirin or Tylenol. I don't need to worry about titration or weaning. Just from my experience, it took a while for Chantix to kick in, and it took a while to get out of my system, too (I could tell from those wonderful dreams!).

Keep in mind what Chantix does. From my understanding, we smokers have nicotine receptors in our brains that fizzle out when they don't get nicotine. It takes three to six months for those receptors to fizzle out -- hence the reason for the suggestion of taking Chantix for three to six months. Chantix keeps us happy and satisfied while those receptors are shutting down. You've definitely made it through the physical addiction part, but you're at the point where your receptors are shutting down and putting up a fight, and you're feeling it in the way of strong cravings.

Maybe a chat with your doctor about a reduced dosage for a while would be in order, or taking one once in a while when a really strong urge hits? Honestly, I think we're only at the tip of the iceberg about finding out all sorts of things about this med.

Best of luck & stay strong with those cravings!!! I'm just over four months quit, and I do still get cravings, but they're not nearly as intense, nor as frequent, as they were at six weeks. And I only took Chantix for about six weeks total. I didn't like the way it made me feel, and I wanted to see how I did with the training wheels off. I made it, and I know you will, too :)