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I was on Betaseron for 2 and a 1/2 yrs,, I loved it, I thought it was doing well, till this past February, I had a major relapse,, so the neuro ordered a new MRI showed that my lesions that had shrank in size over the yrs were now, tripled in size, so he switched me to Tysabri, since I have failed, Avonex, Copaxone and Betaseron,, I took one Aleve right before I injected and never had any side effects of flu symptoms or anything,, now a couple of times I forgot to take em and had the symptoms,, but popped an aleve when I realized what I did and they went away. So far I am doing ok on the Tysabri,, I don't notice a huge change yet,, but the ones I have talked to said they didn't really notice until the 6th treatment, I have only had 4 so far, I feel good,, not bad in any way, only if I am outside or overheated which has happened alot in the past couple of weeks since it is in the mid 90's here and and I am having my house remodeled to get it finished before Winter gets here and they have had holes in my house with new windows and doors being put in, so the Central air isn't helping me only at night when My brother leaves. as soon as it cools down again in here I am ok and sleep really good. Good luck with ur decision,, I would try aleve or tylenol or Ibuproferen before if u don't do that,, and it should work.
Thank you everyone for your replies...you all given me something to think about. My appointment is next Monday, I'll see what the doc says about it and then give it a good week of thought. With the Beta doing such a good job, it is hard to justify switching. But then again, In the last six months, I 've missed at least 2 days a month at work or had to go home early just from being so "shot-sick".

I have tried Tylenol, Naproxon (Aleive), Motrin and every other OTC out there before the shot and after I get up the next day. I've tried Thera-flu, Nyquil, anything I can think of to treat the side effects - even the doc is out of ideas. The other thing I forgot to mention is that with the Beta, it took about 3 months and I hit major depression and fatigue. So now I take Wellbutrin and Dextroamphetamine (nothing else worked for the extreme fatigue, so I ended up taking the obvious!)

So....I think I 'll have some hard decisions to make. I hope its ok to share them here. I'm still totally on the fence...I just know I need to get my life back again.

I've asked Bearygood, in another post, about inflammatory foods and an MS diet. Does anyone else have ideas on diet changes, alternative methods of controlling the MS or the side effects. Maybe the Beta effect would improve with a better diet, etc?