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Hello. I am so lost right now. any input would be great. My 6 year old daughter got a high fever about 2 years ago (over 106). She had no symptoms (no back pain, or burning upon urination)They determined then she had bilateral kidney infections. after IV antibiotics, and several tests ruling out reflux (negative), They sent her home 5 days later on ATB. also gave her a low dose ATB (septra) for prevention of recurrance. a week later she was back in the hospital with the same thing. Still no symptoms except the fever. More IV Antibiotics given, sent home on macrodantin 25 mg taken every night as a maintenance dose. She went an entire year without fever. She never even got so much as a cold. 7 days after her pediatric urologist took her off of the macrodantin, her fever came back (105 plus). she was again admitted to the hospital. Still NO SYMPTOMS EXCEPT FEVER. This time they said she had a kidney infection but I don't know if they were certain. There were no bacteria or WBC's in her urine. They just filled her up with more IV Antibiotics until the fevers subsided and sent her home....back on her daily dose of macrodantin. Another year later (2 years on macrodantin now), they decide to wean her off it slowly. This past June, they changed her dose to every other night. 10 days later she got a fever 103.3 it went away 24 hours later. I kept her at every other day with the macrodantin. 4 days ago her fever came back. 105.7 urine again has no bacteria or wbc's. her right tonsil is enlarged without abcess (CT scan showed). so they are treating it as tonsilitis. She has no symptoms. no sore throat. no trouble swallowing.
At this point her urologist, and her family pediatrician don't know why she is getting this sick. I don't understand why she gets such high fevers yet hardly ever gets even so much as a runny nose in between episodes. These fevers come down after antibiotics. they are brought down with motrin and tylenol but usually takes over an hour for them to work. Is it the macrodantin that is keeping her from this? What is causing these fevers to get so high? her sed rate and crp are elevated, on her blood tests. I don't know where to turn. She is at the hospital now. Infectious disease is doing some test on her antibodies today. has anyone ever heard of anything like this? help me please.