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I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago, they took everything buy one ovary?
Probably hoping I would not go into menop ASAP. I did very slowly, it
started with the hot flashes really bad ones. My Dr. put me on a low does
of prevera and premerin.?????? It helps a little bit..... my, hair is dry,
falling out more, vagianal dryness, SEVERE MIGRAINES, breast enlargement,
sleeplessness, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety.
What is my concern is my migraines. I have had them since I was 4 yr.
I am now 46. Over the last year they have gotten worse. I am now
waking up with a sevre migraine almost daily, zomig or maxalt helps. I
also take tylenol 3 on occassion. Even when I am at work I will get on
sometime during the day.. I work at a physio therapy office, maybe
they can work on my neck?????? I am getting very very desparate.
They are interferring with my job.
Also, I have been on just about every preventative migraaine meds
they have out there.