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My 9 month old has been teething for about 3 weeks or so. He's getting all four top front teeth. One has broken through, one is almost out and the other two I can feel but I have no idea how much longer they have. The problem is... his gums are purple. I had no idea what that meant, but soon found out that it's bruising. My mom had told me it was normal but when she saw them yesterday told me that I should call his dr. He has his 9 month check up on Wednesday but I went ahead and called to see if I should bring him in before then. The nurse talked to his dr. and told me that his gums just can't handle getting all four teeth at once. She told me to keep doing what I'm doing by giving him Tylenol during the day, Motrin at night, and teething tablets. He's been getting Motrin everyday for the past 2.5 weeks so I can only give it at night. She gave me a few suggestions that just don't seem to make a difference. I tried freezing a wet dish cloth but when I gave it to him he bit it and started crying. He tried a few more times and just sat there whimpering so I took it away. He doesn't really like to chew on cool teething rings either. I put baby orajel on him too but it only lasts for like 5 minutes. I'm at a loss. I just sit there and cry with him 'cause I can't do anything for him. Does ANYONE have ANY other suggestions?