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In another thread I mentioned that DD (15 months) insurance has not kicked in, and we are dealing with her having a fever for 3dys....today, thank God, she doesn't have one but is still really fuzzy. Once we give her Tylenol she is her happy baby that she always is. Not to mention that we did pamper her those 3dys. First question, do toddlers teeth? Do they have fevers with that. Or what do they go through at 15 months? If anyone has had this can I have some direction....don't want to put her through going through the hospital. Thank you for looking and for your advice. Thanks. May God Blees you all and your families.

=0) Monique
Whether or not it is teething depends upon how high it is. Does she happen to have a rash now? Roseola, which is a viral illness, will produce fever for several days, then a rash. It is harmless except to pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. It is also a good sign that it comes down and she is happy after tylenol. If that is working and she is showing no other symptoms, you really don't need to take her to the doctor unless it continues for a few more days. In that case I would at least call a doctor and ask.