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Almost 2 years ago, I would have considered myself a binge drinker. One night, I had taken about 6 or 7 sleeping pills and I was drinking with them. (BAD, I know, I've really turned my life around since then) Anyway, I started to get this dizzy feeling and I felt almost disconnected from my body. I knew that it was a reaction from the pills and alcohol. I induced vomiting and I eventually went to sleep. Since that night, I've still been getting those same sensations...almost like I'm in a fog or something, even though I haven't taken any pills or drank. Even to have a sip of alcohol now makes me feel drunk instantly. I have an intolerance to ANY type of medication, whether its an antibiotic or tylenol for a headache. My question is...could this be in my head or have I done permanent damage to nerves and things. I've been to every doctor possible, and no one can find anything. CT scans and MRI's have come back normal. Blood tests all show nothing. My heart, liver and gallbladder are all fine. Can someone help me with this..I've been going crazy for 2 years.