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yes, pathology report said clear margins and negative nodes. I go back to the surgeon next week; she is sending me to a radiation oncologist to start radiation as soon as incision heals enough.
And in the middle of all this I go back to the hospital two weeks from today for a total hysterectomy- I have hyperplasia but can no longer be treated with progesterone because my breast cancer is strongly estrogen and progesterone positive, so they're pulling everything out, which is what I wanted in the first place.
I am about 48 hours post lumpectomy now, have taken no pain meds except tylenol yesterday morning, am moving around, stitches under arm are slightly annoying because they pull a little, other than that no complaints except slightly tired.
I didn't think I would feel this good this soon. All in all the surgery was easier than I thought it would be. Looking back, the roughest part, for me, was the ultrasound-guided biopsy, and even that was bearable- I didn't scream or cry, was able to tolerate it and stay still,just could feel it.
I am now 8 days post lumpectomy, go back to surgeon today. I am still sore and somewhat swollen under the arm, a little heaviness in the breast, slightly more tired than usual. I take tylenol at night, have not used any prescription pain meds so far. Had swollen hand part of one day, elevated it, okay by next morning. Wearing an industrial strength bra helps a lot.
I sleep well at night, am up and around mornings- started driving day 4, have taken a couple of short shopping trips. Need a nap by afternoon, not much stamina.
I am scheduled for a total hysterectomy next week so don't know if I will try to go back to work between or just stay at home and take it easy. I am not
in pain and do not feel sick but am not 100% yet either.