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A few months ago my son was waking up about every 2-3 hours at night, he would normally sleep 11 hours straight. It turned out he was teething. I know you said your little one got two teeth a few weeks ago but he could be getting more. When I was having this problem someone mentioned that when babies teeth the pain is worse at night because of the blood flow while they are laying down. It became very clear that my son was teething and I gave him Mortin to deal with the inflammation and he started sleeping through the night again. I'm not saying you should just give your little one Motrin and see what happens but you might want to consider that he might be teething again. If that's the case, I highly recommend Motrin instead of Tylenol. It works longer and doesn't just deal with the pain but also the inflammation.
it definitely could be teething related. teething for my second child seemed to start around 4 months and lasted until.... oh wait, she's still teething!!! teething sucks and lasts forever! alternating tylenol and ibuprofen at night, and giving teething tablets at the same time is what helped my daughter sleep better.

my other thought is that he might be getting hungry again.... around six months is when babies usually hit another growth spurt and start eating more. most babies at six months are starting to learn more tricks, move their bodies more, and consequentially, they use more calories and need more to eat. so you might try adding lunch to his schedule. or you could try adding a little cereal to his bottles to see if that helps. also, you might try feeding him a little later, and putting him to bed a little earlier.

i don't think he's too young for CIO, as long as all the other needs are met first (food, diaper, teething medicine, etc....).