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Thanks guys. I just got back from the procedure, and in itself, it wasn't bad. I didn't feel any pain just uncomfortable tightness from the compression. Even the numbling shot wasn't bad. They were concerned because A) the spot had grown 2 mm since May, B) It was sitting directly on top of a blood vessel, and C) there is not a 3 mm spot deeper in the breast and on the same vessel that WASN'T there on my mammo from Nov. 5!! They took out the 5 mm one. I couldn't really see anything in the specimen cup but blood. I bled so bad that I am now wrapped in a bandage! There was blood everywhere! Hopefully, it comes back benign and I can move on with my life. I'm in pain now though, the tylenol isn't doing too much. I'm stinging A LOT!
Are you taking the Tylenol before you are feeling pain? Be sure to take it about every three to three and a half hours or so before you have a chance to feel pain. It should be tons better tomorrow. If its not, I would call and let them know.

They actually had be take the tylenol before I left the hospital and I'd been taking before pain was felt all day and night. I should've taken it next at 5:30 this morning and I slept through it (actually I sort of woke up but was worried I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep if I woke up so I dozed on and off). Now I am in PAIN! I took my tylenol almost an hour ago and it's not doing much. I have pain from the side of my breast all the into my armpit. They told me a nurse would be calling me so thats good,.
Nurse just called me and had me take the bandages off. Said to use some ice because it's still a little swollen. It's red around the incision area but I can't tell if that's from tape irritation or what. I'm gonna take my tylenol like she told me to. And will call her back if it's not getting better.