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hey... im not sure if this is stupid but... last night i had a bit to drink, and before going to bed i had 1 tylenol. Should i be worried? I didn't realize until after that it was a big no.no .... sorry if this is in the wrong thread or something... i'm new here! :confused:
i agree,i seriously doubt that doing this one time would have hurt you if you have a normal healthy liver.but it IS a big thing to always remember.never ever mix tylenol and alcohol.it just hits your liver extremely hard.alot depends on just how much alcohol you have also consumed before or during the time you took it,bit it just nails your liver with this double whammy effect.

they are finally realizing the full impact of how tylenol really effects the liver and kidneys.people have been ODing on this stuff for years and some requireing transplants but the word never really seemed to get out til more recently.tylenol is just not that little old safe drug that people have always been led to believe since it hit the market way back when.they have finally changed the label on it too.always follow the directions for usage on whatever is stated on any med.there IS a reason for it being there.

i think it would be pretty safe to assume that this one time incident didn't actually do anything to you,but please,don't do this again,K? FB