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Hey fellow Canadian :wave:

Well ok here is the Background

SERIOUS Asthma till 24

Lots of Steriods (Prednisone)

Underactive thyroid since 16

Allergies (Milk, Eggs, Fish, Nuts)

I think I remeber the fist test being done out of just curiosity.

I think probably the stupid part here is my first scan was done maybe 8 years ago , which showed osteiopenia....but no one really made a big deal about it so I never really thought about it and I guess it took a back seat to the other problems until they mentioned maybe it was time for a new scan 8 years later!:mad: i know I know I should really have taken it upon myself but early 20's all the other problems seemed more immediate and you kinda forget about this. This is why I'm asking for someone to tell me how bad it is now lol.

Doctors advice was to take Fosamax 1 once a week treatment. Now I did see all the horror stories...i went to him and said well...."there are a lot of lawsuits...". His response was ..."well everything has some kind of lawsuit against it...even Tylenol".

So for the past 4 months I have been on Fosamax 1 time a week treatment.:eek: and Calcium citrate 300mg and vitamine D 1000UI once a day

Ok for everyone ...have they seen this once a year treatment thorugh IV

What do you think?

OK thanks for the advice and help! :angel::D