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Laura- I don't know when they would send you home. They told me I needed someone with me the first 24 hours after surgery. I'm 62. My husband stayed home from work part of the time and my son came over part, but I didn't feel I needed someone with me.
I was able to get up and move around right away, did not need the narcotic pain relievers they prescribed, tylenol and ice packs were fine. I had 2 nodes removed too so had two small incisions, one in the breast and one under the arm. They were uncomfortable but not really painful. I was able to use both hands right away. I was more tired than usual, from anesthesia, I think, but went back to work in a week, drove a car within a few days.
Two weeks after the lumpectomy I had a hysterectomy- recovery from that was a little longer.
All in all the lumpectomy was easier than I thought it was going to be. The most uncomfortable part for me was the biopsy.