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This past Sunday I started have weird stomach cramps and felt tired. Halfway through the day it felt as though I was coming down with the flu. I had to leave for a business trip so I sucked it up, took some Tylenol and got on the plane.

I had severe chills and a fever and felt as though I was dying. My stomach was still cramping and I had diarrhea. My body ached (just like the flu). The chills, fever, and aches went away after a full day of rest on Monday and I felt good yesterday but still had a little diarrhea. Today I feel even better but when I used the restroom this morning there was a white, heavy substance instead of normal stool or diarrhea.

Is this food poisoning or something else? The symptoms suggested food poisoning but I've never had the above happen. I did eat a lot of crackers when I was having really bad cramps and unable to eat anything else.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.