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I know if it is bacterial it can be treated with an antibiotic. If your child gets antibiotics if you take her to a doctor, make sure she is getting probiotics too. The antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria and the probiotics will promote regrowth of good bacteria our bodies need. I buy mine in a yogurt drink in the yogurt section in the grocery.
If it is a virus, it cannot be treated with an antibiotic because it doesn't do anything. Your need to give your child A LOT of Vitamin C.
I am not sure, but if it is lasting more than a few days, I would guess it to be the flu.
You can add some esential oils to a bath too. Eucalyptus is antibacterial and helps relieve coughs and fevers. You can also add some lavendar oil to a bath for relaxation. Bergamot oil is also great and can be used to treat infections and colds and flu. You can add any of these oils to a bath, vaporizer, or make it into a cream or oil to put on your child.

My daughter was sick for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I bought these essential oils and added them to bath and a humdifier. I also made my own "Vicks" rub with these too. I stayed away from the Tylenol for the most part and only used it at night on her worst days to help her rest. It is hard watching your child be sick, I felt really bad when my daughter was.

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