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So I finally made it to the allergist who took one look at me and said DRUG ALLERGY. Never had an allergic reaction in all my 46 years until now. She said I have probably DEVELOPED an allergy to aspirin. She had the same thing happen to her, same symptoms. I have felt a ton better since I switched to Tylenol. Remember: aspirin is in things like over the counter antacids and cough medicines and pain relievers.Other common drug allergies include Pain Killers, Anti-convulsants (like Neurontin) and Antibiotics. My allergist said that it is more likely to develop an allergy to aspirin and pain killers than anything though. I thought I was allergic to leaf mold and was about to put my house on the market. Thank god I went to an allergist- there is something to be said for going to specialists. My general practitioner missed the diagnosis.
Just wanted to add that the night before I went in for my allergy test that I had to go to the ER because my symptoms were horrible due to not being able to take antihistamines. They gave me an Epi-pen to jab myself with if my throat started swelling up in the night. These allergies are nothing to mess around with - you can asphyxiate! At the worst I felt like I had been beaten up - welts/hives all over my body & sore swollen throat/tongue, chest pains ITCHY PALMS - SWOLLEN EYES!!. I wonder if hormones have any bearing on suddenly developing allergies because I also just entered into peri-menopause. Thanks for all the postings, it’s nice to know I’m not alone!