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yeh I have read the sample home detox and I am doin stuff like the nyquil, valerian root, tylenol pm, st. johns wort. I think I need to drink more water though. More than 24 hours have passed. You know all the years in pm noone ever told me that this would happen someday if i had to come off the meds. I figured it out pretty quick.
I feel totally I just don't know. Trying my soul it is. 48 hours have passed since the meds have been out of my system. Tonight has been the worst. I am yawning and very tired. Just can't sleep. I think I may have overdone it with the tylenol pm and nyquil. I will be alright though. Reach your letter came just in time thank you. It is so great to hear something positive in trying times like these.
i guess that i expected way too much. i am on day three and from the begining i have told myself that in 3 days i will be fine or at least getting better. well i'm not. the worst thing is the feeling of having to do something (energy) but no way to apply it. i feel trapped in my own body. i don't know what to dowith myself. i did get another hour of sleep. the wife rubbed my back gently and was listening to some music. i was able to fall asleep after that. she is such a blessing.
on a more serious note i have something i want to share with others. for as long as i could remember my back always hurt and i always took meds to mask the "pain". i mean it hurt all the time the worst was in the morning and after work. when the doc told me she was taking me off all my meds, avinza, oxycodone, soma, clonazapam, gabapentin i was devistated. how was i to survive. i went off from everything to just avinza to start my taper. she said to me that in chronic pain patients when they go off from pain meds they actually have far less pain. i thought man this lady is crazy apparently she has no idea how much pain i was in and i was in a lot of pain. throughout the taper my back hurt like hell. towards the very end i noticed my back wasn't hurting as much. didn't pay that much attention to it but i had also noticed when i did still take the meds shortly after my back would start to hurt. I havent had anything since thur and my back feels great. a couplr of times it bothered my a little but nothing reg tylenol wouldn't take care of. anyways my point is if you do have pain and you want out just try it who knows you could end up noticing a lot less pain. for me it was the anxiety of the pain i think. "your *** my be cracked but your legs aren't broke so just get up and do it":D