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Hi I am 32 yrs old I have been abusing viocodin, tylenol 4's, somas and sometime xantax for over 4 years. I was introduced stricktly as a recreational high, so I never had pain for the medicine to help in my body so each time I took these drugs is was pushing me futher into addiction. I first begab taking 2 vicoden at atime and enjoyed the euphoric feeling or underwater feeling I got. I tend to speak fast and have a more hyper personality but this feeling gave me energy yet calmed me down.
Allowing me to use the excuse of needing it to do my job. For the past year and a half I have reached a point in my addiction where I knew I had to stop because the drug consumed my thinking and controlled my conversation and stopped me from being productive as I would like. This is the Cousin to Heroin and its side affects and w/d are much like its relative. Deep abdominal pain, anxiety (clonipin helps). I got up to taking 15 vics and 4 or 5 somas a day I developed MVP which is the fluttering of the heart so many users experience because of the relaxation of the heart caused by the pills. I never knew me feeling like my head was exploding was a anixiety attack untill today on one of the recovery quotes. Any ways suboxone saved my sanity I was so afraid of the w/d until the soboxone. its gives you hope. I also agree to start off low even with the level of vics I was taking 8mg is fairly small and one tablet last me all day, so you have less work on tapering but no more being consumed with this thing. I am happy to find a site to discuss this stuff openly with people who under stand you. Thanks.