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I was very inspired by your posts bk.
being you were addicted so long to heroin and did the detox cold turkey, (yikes!) I look up to you for doing it yourself and you're alot stronger than you might know. I know the detox feelings too, I tried to do it myself 8 yrs ago while working a full time job, and I felt like i was going to die.

I went thru the ER of a hospt. to get help, they admitted me, gave me med's to get stablized and a social worker got me into a clinic. It will be 9 years this coming Fall that I've been there and it's saved my life.
one either works WITH the program, or AGAINST the program.
I worked diligently to get my life back together.
there is a big difference in being addicted to a drug and being dependent on a drug. alot of people don't believe this theory but I personally do.
alot of people in recovery have this idea that being on methadone is just as bad as doing heroin. they say you only trade one drug for another.
but in my case, this simply is not true. I don't put myself in places where the drug is, I don't hang out with people who do drugs, I stay away from it as far as possible. even if I wanted to get high, the methadone blocks the effects of the heroin so it would be a waste of money and time not to mention how horrible I"d feel that I failed myself and others and the waste of years I worked the program.
I went from starting at 90 mgs upon start date and went down to 5 mgs a half a year or more ago and then I went back up after taking a pain pill from my sister than set my body off into a detox. the program tells you you're not supposed to take certain medications beause it will interfer with the methadone and the methadone won't work, therefore setting your body off into a detox stage.
boy did that day bring back the horrible feelings and memories of what detoxing was like. I did NOT want to go thru it so I went and asked to be put back up slightly.
I will one day come off the methdone when I'm ready mentally to go thru the detox. I went down ever so slowly and it was by going down in 5 mg. dosages every 3 months or longer. this way you only feel yucky on the 3rd day of going down. It really effected my job the days I'd go down because it effected my mood swings which I already suffer because of having bipolar.

my counselar told me the methadone helped stablize my mental illness too besides helping the addiction because it does something to the brain. I was in denial of having bipolar and I found out the methadone helped calm down my mood swings. my counselor told me it does do this. so I wasnt' just imagining it. I wasn't seeing a psychiatrist or therapist to get on any medicine because I refused it. I disliked all forms of therapy and medications to treat mental illness.

it took me years before I finally took my counselors advice and get help. I"m so greatful I did and wish I hadn't waited so long. I'm stubborn and do only what I want at the time. unfortunalty that type of living only destroyed any form of happiness i could've had at the time.
I am not much happier now than I can ever recall.
I was addicted to snorting heroin for about a year and a half. first I only did it on weekends, then stopped. then I met up with the person who turned me on to it and I began to do it again. then it got hold of me and before I knew it I needed it every day to keep me from going thru the withdrawals.
I never in my life thought i"d ever do heroin. I thought by just snorting it, it wouldn't get me addicted. How naive and stupid I was.
a drug is a drug no matter how you put it in your body.
thankfullly I was never arrested or died of an overdose like I came so close to doing one night. I woke up not knowing where i was and what happened after doing it. I had passed out. I guess it wasn't my time to die because I woke up hours later.
After that episode, I got on the methadone program.
if you feel you can do it on your own without having to get help and be part of a program to keep you on the straight and narrow, than by all means, keep doing what you're doing so you don't have to go thru hell from detoxing off of methadone if you've been on it for many years rather than just the few months you've been on it.

here are some helpful suggestions if you need some help thru the course of your detox. your positive atttitude mainly contributes to how well you will do on your own for detoxing. it's all in the mind. we can make it worst or make it easier on ourselves by understanding what the body and mind is going thru.
just remember the uncomfortablness goes away and will not remain forever.
it's the minds fear of being uncomfortable that keeps us from enduring what ever we have to go thru to reach the end.

here are some tips when detoxing at home:

~ Rest as much as possible. Even if you can only sit down for a few minutes here and there.

~Immodium for diarrhea. Eat bland food and stay off dairy until your tummy settles down.

~Antacids-they seemed to take the edge off the burning in the stomach.

~Cheerios-munching on them helps to ease the queasiness.

~Heating pads-helped with the aching joints and muscle spasms. Feels really good to lay one of those heated grain bags on tummy.

~Ice packs-use on the back of the neck for headaches.

~Ibuprophen-used for pain. Take with food and only if tummy can handle it. Be cautious of Tylenol if you took meds with it in it to excess.

~sunglasses/hat-for light sensitivity which can trigger migraines. Lightly tinted glasses for the house. Reduce glare anywhere you can.

~ear plugs-for noise sensitivity and to help sleep at night.

~music-soft, happy music for distraction.

~ stay away from negative media or negative news papers or radio. try to read and see movies that are enlightening and happy.

~positive friends/family- tell your close ones what you'll be going thru so they support you.

~limited outings- drive as little as possible and avoid crowds.

~beta blocker-to reduce high blood pressure if you have it.

~calcium/magnesium supplement-for calming the nerves a bit.

~blankets and pillows- have them on the couch and bed,ready for moments when you can crash for a few minutes. flannel is especially soothing.

~tea-hot tea w/out caffiene helps soothe.

~water,water-drink enough water and soak in a warm bath or linger under a shower. helps with the achiness.

~sunlight-if eyes aren't too sensitive, go outside and let the sun get on your skin for a while-it helps the moods.

~anti-depressant-helps more than you realize at the moment.

~gardening-once strong enough, gardening and working with mother nature can be another way to calm and uplift the spirit.

~ noise reduction- reduce as much irritating noise when possible. keep noise at moderate levels if possible in order not to irritate you.

~relaxing the standards- learn to not mind messiness for awhile in the home.It's ok to let the house go and it's ok to just be in our pj's and not feel guilty if we aren't bathed and dressed by a certain hour. it's ok to just relax and let things go for awhile.

~aromatherapy- sleep with a little bag of lavander seeds by your bedside or pillow. For a while your sense of smell can be acute that many odors will seem nauseating to you.

~cotton-cotton sheets, blankets, clothes and sleep wear, help during the sweats. Use Baby wipes for freshening up quickly. think about how the sweating period represents the body's way of purging toxins and how each night and day brings you closer to having your body totally cleansed of impurities.

I wish you all the best on your detoxing and I will be mine too soon.