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I just posted this as a reply but then thought maybe this might help y'all.

Part of what is helping my taper is seeing when I feel like I need Norco - when are the weak/rough times. I've heard of this for people dieting, too - think of this as like a "food diary". I call it my Norco Diary.

Each Monday I take an index card and divide into 7 columns with the days of the week across the top. Everytime I take a Norco, I write down how many, and at what time. I also use the following codes to help me pinpoint the WHY. I keep this card on my desk at work, right in front of me, so I can see it and reassure myself that I'm doing so much better than the day before, etc. Seeing the whole week at a time is proof positive that I can beat yesterday and aim higher for tomorrow. It's sure helping.

When I first started doing this, it was to keep me below the 4,000mg daily amount of acetaminaphen (Tylenol) that is part of Norco. I used to think I could remember how many I had taken during the day. I don't know if I was just deluding myself, or really had such a poor memory but I realized just how many times I exceeded that limit and was putting my liver in serious danger.

So, the codes I use are:

A = Anxious
S = Shaky
WD = Withdrawal symptoms (for me, runny nose and goosebumps)
PL = Painful Legs - this is mostly at wake up time - I've posted about this before - I get intensely burning pains in my calf bones.
B = Bored
BP = Backpain - the reason I started the dang pills to begin with!

It is mind boggling how few times I truly have back pain.

Anyway, I know how simplistic this sounds, but if you want a true picture of how many and WHY, try this for a day or 2. But I'm really posting this to hopefully keep all of us safe from liver damage.

Now that I'm tapering, it keeps me on the time schedule much more accurately, and thus keep my body on an even keel.