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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sammy,i soooo feel for ya,wow.if you felt what ifelt the night of your surgery.ended up spenmding two days,not justy overnight.pain was almost ubearable,wayyyy beyond what i expected,totally.i love my ortho tho,he truely understans my freaky body and pain responses and just chronic pain.he had set up dilaudid every fifteen minutes and if i ened up going over caertain amount,he wanted the pca thing set up,but even the pca wasn't enough,so he had them raise the dosage up even moe and push the button every ten min.but believe it or not,even all that didnt seem to be able to get on top of that ugly pain once that block wore off on me.unreal.and i was also able to stay on my regular oxycontin that usually take too.what great doc.i have my follow up appt on wed.what a nasty ride.he sent me home wit two rxs for the 10/325 tylenol too.one for now and one for when i run out.

so how are you doin?i am,as we speak,waiting for that wonderful chair.had to change thedelivery from this morning to now.i really needed that extra two nights in the hosp tho.they weened me off the pca yesterday afternoon after my first pt.wow that sucked.how are you doing with your pt so far?takng the arm out of that dang splint is almost worse than the pt itself ya know?well,i just wanted to let you guys know i survived.will be typing with myfaulty left hand here so please forgive the mistkes.hope you are doing better chrissy.thank you to all of you for your kindness ad prayers,that really ment alot to me.i just love you guys.marcia
yea,that is some ugly pain.i am also hypersensitive to even light touch,or when i hit those stupid doorknobs with any area of this huge *** splint.this med is huge,i cannot even imagine having that ex lge thing you have to deal with.for you sammy,considering what you had as far as symptoms pre op,i would really be watching very closely for any SNS signs of involvement.just how much work did they have to do on your shoulder area?im just wondering about that back pain?most of my pain is in the actuasl joint area and around more to the front?it doesnt appear to be really too much into tye actual back itself,but we most likely did not have the exact same areas worked on either ya know?

i actually got pictures of all my damaged areas that he did work on and there are five little round pics all on one sheet that he took for me while hewas in there.i was kind of just kifdding around and had metioned something about its too bad i cant get video of my surgery,thats when he said he would capture the kodak moments for me.that was cool.but man can you ever really see how bad two of those tears were.he also told my hubby post op something about needing to actually shave down more bone but i didn't have enough there to actually be able to realitically do that or something?going to have to ask him about that on wed at my appt.

oh,and get this.i was offered a different form of anesthesia only because they used the scaline block?i can't remember the name of it but when the anesthsiologist and i were talking and i mentioned about this stupid tooth reaction i was,and am still dealing wth,he said,well,since your having that block done(he was just a bit concerned about possiby hitting or eveninjuring those hypersensitive teeeth and i was too),we do have little differefnt optin for you,and then he told me about this type where they like only partially knock you out and it does not actually requir a tubing of any kind and you also just feel a bit better immeiately post op and i wouldn't have the sore throat orhaveto spend any time in the PACU either.i was really kind of scared about doing it,but figured what the heii,so we did the surgery with me actualy partially awake but still pretty out of it,now THAT was a trip.and i did feel soo much better after this surgery than with any of my others.thy just popped me right up to my room right out of the OR.i would very highly recommend this type of anesthesia to anyone who can actually use the option.they do this mostly ortho types of surgerys where you are also getting a deep block done.how did your arm feel once they popped in your block sammy?i am willing to bet,considering how bad things were pre op that it was a huge relief for you for the first time in a long while?

one really huge issue that i had not even thoughht about pre op was just how hard thi was going to be on my rsd knee?it has been burnig like heck now since later on yesterday mostly because of the frekin wear and tear on your knees when trying to pull youself out bed?i had to keep bending and hooking my knees everytime i went to get out of bed.it really over strained that knee that normally i try very hard not to stress just because this crappy stuff will happen.also,those excercises we have to do that involve bending at the waist and letting that arm hang and move by shifting sideto side?those ones are very hard on my knees just with the side to side motion and shifting the knees themselves?it wasthat particular motin i did two months post op from the spinal cord surgery (i was placing a pile of leaves around my hydrangea for winter and justdoing that side to side crap)came inside and was just watching the vikings game and all of the sudden out of nowhere(after also being told that i could no longer feel pain on that side)i felt the very first ever post op pain in that knee.this was actually the very day i think that rsd actually set in.started out as a very tiny little "ping" of a pain deep inside the knee that by the end of about the first hour went to raging burning hell.i am going to have to have a chat with myortho on wed about this crap.luckily,he also did both my knee surgeries too so would know all about it,so that helps.anytime i dont have to try and explain how screwed up my body now is to anyone,espescially a brand new doc,the better ya know?i just really didnt need this on top of the two teeth from hell and the shoulder crap.god ijust love my body.

used the chair last night,i am currently way behind you sammy,at 46?what is your surgeons goal set for you?i think mine is 150?it wasn't quite as bad as i thought it was going to be.it was just once again takingthat sling off,owie!!!!!!!!god,that just hurts.so how much real movement are you able to do with the fingers?once i started pt,iwas able to do at least little bit mor than bfore it.i can open my rx bottle all by myself now using fingers on both my hands.thats a biggie,lol.i am really sorry sammy that your pain is not being as well medicated as it should be.your just on the post op 10/325 right,no more oxycontin?i have to worry about possibly overdosing and your not getting enough,thats just sick,really.this level of pain,they should atleast be giving you something a bit stronger for bt pain ya know?having to deal wth the tylenol can create its own problems.do they make a 10mg roxicodone?at least that way you could hit the bt harder and keep the painalso much better managed too.i just feel so bad for you hon knowing what you are dealing with and not having enough to cover it.i just never expected unbearable to be part of this particular type of surgery.if i had not stayed even just that first nigh when that dang block decided it was going to wear off like about 5-6 hours earlier than they told me,i would have,without a doubt by around 1 amhave been screaming back to that hospital on a code three run.i just could NOT get even slightly on top of it or even halfway up,and i had freaking dilaudid to cover mine sammy,geez that had to be hellish for you on just the 10/325s.you ARE my new hero hon,really.i don't know if my reaction was normal or just the very screwed up nature of my pain,but i know yours still had to be pretty brutal for you.this is just a very painful type of surgery.really makes me wanna think twice about having the other shoulder done here at some point since i know without a doubt that that one just has to be almost as bad as the right one was.maybe ill just forget the pain likewith chidbirth?nah.well gotta go eat breakfast,hubby is having soo much fun taking care of me.its pay back time,yes!i will keep ya postedf hon,and you do the same,k?by the way,this post took me two whole hours to type.whew!hang in thre hon,the worst part is over for both of us i think.marcia