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I 'm still having problems with butt,and leg.I had to start my new job a few weeks ago and had to miss several days of work because of my leg.Today I thought I might be healed enough to go back to work.Got called into the office,they were going to let me go but I convinced them that I really thought it was healed up enough to come back to work so they talked to the head honcho and said they'd give me another chance.An hour later pain starts creepin in but not as severe as its been ,then my leg started going numb.So,I went to the nurse who offered me Tylenol but I knew that wouldn't help.I asked her if she thought it was safe to work with it,and she said I should get it checked out and she was sending me home.Then assistant manager says I need to go the hospital today to get it checked out.So I'm going later to the hospital to get xrays ,etc to find out what the problem is.:( I hope its nothing too serious.I'm scared .:(