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Thanks Jen. What would you do if you were me? Would you run in the other direction looking for another Gyno or just let him do the sugery? I have trusted this man in the past for so many apparent reasons and feel as though if it were not for him we wouldn't have our precious son. So many of my girlfriends have said "RUN", that there is absolutely no reason a doctor would want you to suffer for weeks before surgery. I'm just wanting this over and done with but at the same time very hesitant because of his obvious "pain pill policies". I told his NP about my concerns and she said "oh no, after surgery he'll keep you comfortable", but who's to know that for sure?? I am not a drug seeker but these past few months have made me so miserable that the only thing that has helped were the few pain pills I had left from my emergency appendectomy on 1/8. OOOOHHHH I wish I could give this doctor one (maybe 2) days of this pain and tell him to just "hang in there;) and take some tylenol".

Take care all!!
Well no i dont think that you should run and go find another doc, ecspecially since you are so close. Your new doc might write you a scrip but would have to get med records and new authorizations etc.You are so close to this being over with.....Have you tried calling and saying LOOK I have TAKEN TYLENOL, IBUBROFEN, etc. IT IS NOT WORKING. I cannot get a get a good nights sleep so obviously I cannot function normally.I need some relief before I have a nervous breakdown!! If the PA is no help ask to speak with the Dr. and say look You are not the one who has to feel the way I do until this is over!! Write a list of all your symptoms and rattle them off as soon as he gets on the phone. I doubt he will let you lay in Pain afterwards...most Doctors but the patient on a pain pump that they can push everytime they need meds.
I hope that you dont have to just lay there an suffer!!!
I know how you fell becuase i love the doctor I have and feel if it were not for him we would not have our son who will be six months on the 14th. I do however have problems with his nurse not wanting to let him know if i call,and that i need something for pain. She tries to do the same thing and tell me to take tylenol,i have just started bypassing her and ask to speak with him!!
Hi Jen, thanks again. When the Nurse Practitioner and I spoke, I let her know that I could not take Advil (it hurts my stomach because of IBS), I have taken Midol, Tylenol etc. until it runs out my ears and none of this helps. She said "well try the Naproxen (even though it is basically prescription Advil) and if it hurts your stomach stop taking it but that's all he said you could have". I was so mad I said "you know what, I understand what you're telling me but I want you to know that being in this much pain for the next few weeks sucks too!" She said I will give him a message and you are welcome to speak to him about this. I said "what's the point if you say this is standard policy for everyone before surgery, so no thanks!" I am suppose to go Monday for my pre-op and see the nurse practitioner that was so kind to me when I last went in and I'm going to tell her about all my concerns and ask her why she wrote me a script for pain meds but then "supposedly" the nurse told the doc and he said "NO more".

Can you explain to me the statement "narcotic meds prior to surgery just make your surgical pain worse". I could understand I guess how it would be very hard to control pain on those who have taken pain medicines for long periods of time and built up a tolerance but geez:mad:. I'm just literally counting the days now and praying that after I will feel better.

Thanks for your help and God Bless :angel:.