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HI Lianta. I wouldnt think that youll have a dx that day....MS is the hardest disease in the world to diagnos- mostly because they have to rule out a hundred other things which mimic it. Lyme disease, Fibro and a host of others...
What you can expect from the Neuro is an inoffice Neurological test. Balance tests, following his finger with your finger- having him check your reactions with the hammer thingy- none of it is painful...this will give the doctor a better idea of whether or not to persue further tests....he might also want you to repeat the MRIs- depending on how long ago you had them and whether they were with and without contrast- also depending on whether you had spine and brain or just brain. THere are alot of things he can tell by his exam, but what goes on internally, needs to be imaged.

He might also feel that you need an MS specialist to rule out or dx MS...thats always a possiblity. What you will know for SURE is whether or not this is completely NOT neurological. He might want you to have blood work done to check for things like deficiencies...B12 is a big on which if deficient, can cause you some similar problems...Lyme can also be checked by blood tests...sugar levels, proteins, lipids, all of that will probably be checked just to make sure your levels are ok....MS cannot be checked by blood, but other things CAN be ruled out.

Keep a journal of whats happening with you in the meantime....do NOT make it long and lengthy...an example of what it should say would be:
Feb 12- tingling legs- lasted all day
Feb 13- migrane type headache- took Tylenol and it went away
Feb 14- tingling legs AGAIN! Also, left hand is numb..
Feb 15- felt pretty good.
Feb 19- legs and hands are tingling again

The idea behind this is that he, or his nurse will take a history...theyll ask you what your biggest issues are...when you say "my hand is burning" theyll ask you when it started and how long it lasts...does it ever stop in between? When you tell them you have headaches- they will ask if you can describe the type of headache. Is it sinus? Migrane? Stress? Does tylenol help or do you have to take something stronger? Does it last more than 4 hours? These are all hypothetical questions, but the types of questions you will get...by having things written down, YOU can answer the questions. The doctor or nurse WILL NOT read this..but its for your own benefit to have things written down. Also, have a list of questions. You will forget important things you wanted to find out if you dont keep a list...if you have any of your old films or results, bring them! It will save time and possibly the need to repeat tests if you have things with you.

I wont insult your family doctor;but I will remind you that she is a general practicioner who is not trained to diagnos neurological disordes, nor does she treat them. Most GPs wont know MS unless it is told to them....dont take what she said to heart- she could be right..but she isnt qualified to make that decision...if you see her between now and then and she has run any tests in the past year, ask her for copies to take with you and assure her that you will have the Neuro copy her on any of his findings....

This is great that you have an appt to look forward to...the first appt is important. Youll find out if you LIKE this doctor- and you can ask him how many MS patients he treats, just to see if you are comfortable letting him dx you....but be very calm between now and then and think things thru as far as keeping that journal and making a list of questions..nothing major will happen at this appt..its the beginning of a journey towards a diagnosis.

wishing you well....