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This was my experience. Please note that I don't take medication for anything, hardly even Tylenol. I'm healthy and this is only the second time I've been under anesthesia.

I had a Lathroscopic Hysterectomy with a Vaginal Assist on February 1st. The surgery itself went very well.

They had a tough time tubing my throat for the anesthesia. So I ended up with a very soar throat when it was all over. It took 5 days of popsicles for it to feel better.

After the surgery the hospital put cuffs on my ankles that inflated every 2 minutes to encourage circulation. This is to prevent blood clots. I also had a uninary cathether that had to stay in for 6 hours. It was very irritating and it did end up causing me to get a bladder infection.

I had a reaction to the pain medication they gave me in a PCA pump. This pump is designed to give you a dose of medication when you hit the button. It's controlled so you can only get a certain amount within scheduled time frames. The meds made me groggy and nautious. My face blew up like a balloon and I couldn't focus on anything. Once they took me off it I was better within an hour. I didn't want visitors at the hospital. It took too much energy out of me. Plus, I went home the day after the surgery. Once you eat and urinate on your own, they don't like to keep you.

Once I got home I had a lot of abdominal pain and I was very tired all the time. You have to remember that anesthesia stays in your system for a number of days. My appetite was very low but I drank a lot of ginger ale. I don't like the way the oxycodone made me feel, so I didn't take it. I just took ibuprofine and Tylenol PM at night.

Urinating will be painful for a while because you are using your abdominal muscles. My first bowel movement was a pain like I have never experienced before - and I had 2 kids over 10 pounds through natural child birth! They finally stopped hurting after a week.

Sitting up, walking, moving when laying down - all require abdominal muscles. Turning to wipe on the toilet, taking a shower, all things that require your abdominal muscles. Go through a day concentrating on the normal activities that you do and think about when you are using your abdominal muscles. We take for granted that we use them and we don't think about it. After the surgery, you will be well aware of what your abdominal muscles do for you in the course of a normal day.

Expect to be tired alot. Expect to be emotional more than ususal. Let other people do your housework including laundry. I prepared meals before the surgery and put them in the freezer so my family didn't need to cook all that much.

I didn't drive per my Dr.s orders until 13 days after the surgery. Stay home, sleep and catch up on your soap operas. You need to heal. Now I just drive a mile to pick up the kids from school. That's it. I nap during the day.

Use a heating pad the first couple weeks. 20 minutes a couple times a day did wonders for me. It encourages healing and subsides internal swelling.

I still have a pinkish discharge so have plenty of pads on hand. Change them regularly do you don't get an infection.

This was just my experience. Everyone is different. I hope this helps you.