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Hey Billy it looks like you will have your surgery before me but I will start another post.

Have you ever taken Oxycodone before? This is a hard question to answer because I am sure a lot of us have tried other people's medicine before and there was never a problem. One time at the place that I worked an employee was given someone else's medicine for back pain and that person ended up in the infirmary because of the reaction. The employee who gave the person the medicine almost got fired so everyone was scared to even hand out Advil or Tylenol. What kind of medication are you on now? You could call your pharmacist and ask if Roxicodone would be okay with your other medications. None of us know how we are going to react when we are started on new medication but like MM said it would be hard to explain if you did have a bad reaction. I noticed that it can lower blood pressure and I had a terrible reaction to Zanaflex for muscle relaxer that lowered my blood pressure to a very dangerous low level. I am on Soma 350 mg 4 times a day and have been on for several years. They switched me to the Zanaflex because they said Soma was an older drug. It took me several months to figure out what it was doing to me and it almost killed me. My daughter called and talked to a nurse in the ER and told her my BP which was 54/46 and they said that was dangerously low and I needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. Luckily I worked it out but I don't take it anymore. That was taking a pill prescribed by my doctor.

I didn't mean to preach on this but it really is a personal decision and I know how we need to have relief. My pain medication doesn't really keep my pain under control either but they didn't want to increase it before I had these surgeries because they were afraid I wouldn't get the relief that I needed. Sorry I can't give you a yes or no. Hope you can get some relief on your pain.