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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Hi Stephie~~I know your original question was about Neurontin, but I wanted to say something about your comment on Norco. You seem to be worried about the affects of these types of drugs on your liver, and I just wanted to tell you something about these meds. Norco has hydrocodone and acetaminophen in it, and it's the acet...that causes the liver damage. Look at a bottle of aspirin or tylenol and read what it says about liver damage. This is the main ingredient you have to worry about if you are concerned about your liver.

I think you should ease up on yourself. You just had surgery, and I don't believe you plan on taking any pain meds for an extended period of time, so you really don't need to worry that much. If you wanted to get Norco without the tylenol, ask you pain mgte dr about how it needs to be written and take it to a compounding pharmacy where they can fill it for you. They have to make it up for you, but you can get it and this can be done with other meds as well. Also, ask you dr which is worse for your liver tylenol or hydrocodone. I'm not advocating the use of any med, but if you need it for a few months, that's not going to hurt you, unless you have a allergic reaction to it, or you can't take it for some other medical reason.

An addict is someone who takes a med to get high, when they DON'T have pain. They also abuse the amount that is taken, and take it usually for a very long time (years). If you have a physiological reason to take pain meds, then you need to treat it, unless you absolutely want to go without anything for the pain. Some people are able to go this route, but they are far and few between. You need to get some beneficial daytime rest and sleep, and without that you won't heal properly, so try to find something that you can take for the pain, for a short period, so you can heal. If you go too long without a break from the pain, you risk becoming weak and unstable (balance wise) and you don't want to fall from pain exhaustion.

If the nerve meds work for you then go that way (lyrica etc) since they are non narcotic, but if you need some relief from pain don't worry too much about taking it, as long as you don't abuse it, which I'm sure you aren't. If you are going to a pain mgte dr, it's really hard to abuse anything since they keep track of what you take, and manage it for you.

Just a thought... I hope the pain goes away soon, but it's unrealistic to expect it to go away immediately. Also, stay ahead of the pain with whatever you take by taking something "before" the pain is out of control. If you wait till the pain is real bad the med won't work, and then you are just constantly chasing the pain.

Good luck with whatever you decide, but do some more reading on tylenol/acetaminophen. There is a limit on the amount of this you can safely take in a day for a very good reason (liver) and other things.:angel::angel:[/FONT]
Thank you so much for the advice, DesertBloom. I was aware that it is the Tylenol that causes so much damage, but I had no idea these could be written without the Tylenol. I asked my rheumatologist for something milder to try than the 10 mg Norco, but what she gave me has 500 mg of Tylenol per capsule and only 5 mg hydro, which one capsule doesn't do as much good. I have an appt. tomorrow to see her and I'll definitely bring this up with her. I haven't been back to see the pain management doctor since he loaded me up with the Neurontin. I just wasn't impressed, and again, I don't want to get on something like that long-term that would probably be hell to get off of.

I'll continue to do what you suggest, rest and ease up on myself. I have 3 young kids to chase after and I can't be slowed down with pain for sure. Hopefully my blood tests tomorrow will come back with an answer to why I have osteoporosis at an early age.