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LINDA - hey thanks for your reply , and i'm sorry to hear that your in pain.. do you no whats causing the pain in your right leg ?? I am sure some one will answer my question about the pelvic bone , i thought they were going to use the bone bank for me as well..

linda when it comes to pain meds , i'm the same way.. they keep me wide awake most of the time , thats common in a lot of people.. some times i will take a couple tylenol p.m just so i can sleep !!

thank you again for being there , i hope your pain gets under control for you - i'll pray it does god bless billy
Hey Billy boy
Thanks for the prayers and remember you are in my prayers always.

I am not sure what is causing my pain but I suspect it is due to the first surgery were they went in and put in that cage and the nerves are irritated. It is such a sharp pain I holler out and just take deep breaths. I think when I am sleeping I stay in one position and then I am just too stiff when I get up to move but I know I must.

I will probably call the doctor's office again tomorrow because nothing seems to help this pain. I have started taking Tylenol PM also and sometimes it does help me sleep.

Gentle hugs and prayers to you and everyone else with the back problems.

linda , seems your a night owl like me !!!! Linda i am so very sorry that you are in such pain , are you doubeling up on pain meds ? My back has been hurting as of late , i will take my pain meds then lie on bed with my heating pad on - NOTHING seems to work though.. I hope your doctor will be in tomorrow since it's presidents day & all , i pray he is thare for your sake.. You do have people there to help you right ? Tylenol pm works for me , but it takes a while to kick in and allow me to fall asleep - - actually just took some.

linda try to get out of pain , i no getting comfy is hard - - but try too and relax.. keep me posted on how your feeling okay !!! good night billy