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Hey Scrappi,

Im fairly good today. Kinda achy and stiff, but nothing I cant deal with. It rained here yesterday..too warm for snow. lol. But its gonna be kinda cold today and tomorrow...with temps around 40 with 25-30 mph winds.

I dont wanna be cremated either. But I never thought about your philosophy of it..lol. I like that!

We kinda live on a farm..lol. Its 16 acres of farm land. But its not being used for anything now. My hubby and his father used to grow 50+ acres of tobacco (on his dads land too)..of tobacco up until a few years ago when it phased out so bad, and no one could make any money off of it. Now our cash crop is sweet potatoes. We usually have about 2 acres of it. I used to help him...but now....I cant! My hubby grows about an acre of vegetables during the summer...but he gives most of it away...he just LOVES farming and growing things.

I just LOVE your question..LOL. Kin Folks = relatives...LOL. I have relatives in Cincinnati. And yes, I did get a laugh out of that one! :D

I guess the strongest narcotic I have ever taken is Percocet and Tylenol with Codeine. They make me groggy as well. With the Tramadol, Im supposed to take 1 every 8 hours...but thats like taking nothing at all...so I take 2 of them. As far as surgery pain..I dont let that scare me. Between the laparoscopies I had for endometriosis, Tonsillectomy, and hysterectomy...none of them were painful as everyone told me it would be. lol. In fact, hours after my hysterectomy, my dr asked me "are you SURE you had surgery today??!!"...I laughed and told him that I was beginning to wonder! That was with nothing more than Ibuprofen that they gave me every few hours, which I didnt even think I needed that! I was driving myself to the dentist one week later to get that darn tooth pulled that got infected...and they were AMAZED that I was out and about by myself..lol. I told them that the tooth pain was by far worse than having the hysterectomy!!

I hate to hear that you had a rough time getting pg..then a rough pregnancy when you finally did conceive. wow. But, I guess it was all worth it in the end, huh? Thankfully, both of my pregnancies were good....it was the delivery and after that got me. With my first, they gave me too much epidural..which made me sick and weak....to the point to where they told my hubby that if things didnt progress within a certain time frame...he was gonna have to make the decision as to whether to save me or the baby. With my second..things went great with delivery....BUT...3 weeks later I nearly died due to a severe infection from not having all of the afterbirth expelled from my body. Now that was rough!!

I cant wait to hear about your medical report ordeal. I'll be watchin and waitin for it....lol. Have a good day.
[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]Hey Ladybug,

It's bright and white here today...yeah :cool:! Last night it snowed a few inches...I LOVE snow and I've turned my son into a snow lover too :bouncing:. You're probably stiff and achey b/c you have a back injury that needs medical attention and also b/c it's cold outside today :D...lol.

I actually feel pretty good today, probably b/c I'm only on day 2 of the patch. The worst side effect of the patch is constipation...everyone knows narcotics cause constipation...before I started using the patch I did know constipation was a more severe side effect of the patch than with other narcotics...when I was taking oxy I had to stay on top of my fiber intake but so far with the patch it doesn't seem to matter what I do, nothing has worked...everyday since last Tuesday I have taken stool softeners and so far I haven't had any BM's, I know from Tuesday to Friday I was still having a hard time eating but since Friday I've been eating okay, I've also been taking daily fiber supplements...I guess at my next appt I'll have to talk to my doctor and see if there's something she can prescribe...lol...if it's not 1 thing it's another.

Your former doctor prescribed 1 tramadol every 8 hours for a back injury? You can take more tylenol than that! Back in early December when my pain dramatically increased, my PM doctor refused to move up my monthly appt, he advised me to go to the urgent care/ER instead...so I did and ofcourse I got lucky enough to get stuck with the only doctor in the place that didn't "believe" in narcotics...she gave me a script for tramadol instead, but even she wrote it for 2 every 6 hours...my mother takes it for arthritis and when I told her that's what they gave me she laughed and said it should work about as well as tylenol does for me...lol...the urgent care doctor said she was prescribing it b/c she thought my back was inflammed and tramadol would help decrease that...I'm sure my back has been inflammed for years now and will be for years to come...lol.

My grandparents have always lived on a farm, my mother grew up on it...I loved going there as a kid and now Little E loves to visit...my grandparents grow their own veggies, my grandma's tomatoes are out of this world, she makes her own applesauce...yum, it makes me hungry thinking about it.

Yes, Little E was so worth it, the 4 long years it took to get him here, the 9 long months of being so sick, the baby I lost...I would do it again in a heartbeat, in fact I pray I'm able to have 1 more baby before I'm too old...I didn't tell you that at the same time I was pregnant with the baby I lost, my sister was also pregnant, we actually had the same due date, February 1st, she already had 1 son, after my baby died, she had an ultrasound and was so upset when she was told she was having another boy, she cried and made a big scene...I remember thinking how ungrateful she was, I would have loved to have had a boy but my baby died...the worse part was she had her son on February 1st, she decided to be induced...I still don't understand why she didn't pick any other date :(. Wow! It sounds like you went through alot to get your girls here. Did you have a bad headache with your first daughter, when they gave you too much of the epidural medicine? I ask b/c I recall seeing a news program a while back with a husband telling a similar story, except his wife did not live, he said after she had the baby she had a terrible headache and then she went down hill very quickly. It sounds like with both deliveries you could have had pretty good grounds to sue...it just goes to show there's nothing like a mother's love...look how much we can go through to get our children here, yet we're willing to do it over and over again, now that's love.

Okay, here's how I was planning to get a copy of my records from my other neuro. A few weeks ago, when I saw the stingy neuro [COLOR="Blue"](the neuro who wanted to take me off all pain meds months before surgery...btw, that reminds me, I now know he wanted to take me off all pain meds to be mean, not b/c it's medically necessary...the only thing I would need to do before surgery is have a consult with the anesthesiologist who would be present during my surgery and let him or her know what pain meds I'm currently on so they could give me stronger meds than what they would normally give...apparently the stingy surgeon is still using methods from the "stone age" :eek:.) I acted like I had intentions of letting him fix L1, I did it just to get out of his office...he gave me an x-ray order b/c he wanted to make sure my fused site, L5-S1, is stable and the hardware is still in its correct place...he said in the meantime he would have his assistant, Trish, request my records from my other neuro. (I've told you this part already.) Last week Trish called and left a message saying she received my records from my old neuro...I thought that was odd b/c on Jan 30th my other neuro's office had signed for a letter I sent them by certified mail, in the letter I requested a copy of my records and I still had not received them...that's when I called and spoke with my other neuro's assistant, Deb, and was told she had lost my records...so I thought, ok, I need to have x-rays of my fused site done anyway, so I know my fused site is not the cause of my pain...I thought I would have the x-rays done, make a follow-up appt with stingy neuro so he could read the x-rays for me and give me, in writing of course, his opinion of what needs to be done to fix my back problems/pain problems and at that same visit ask his assistant for a copy of the records my other neuro sent them...if stingy neuro's assistant refused to give me a copy of the records from my other neuro I planned to take my "second opinion" from stingy neuro and make an appt with my other neuro to show him the "second opinion" (even though our doctor/patient relationship was broken months ago and I have no intention of ever mending it) and I figured once he came into the exam room with my file I'd tell him he could go make a copy of everything inside it or I would but either way I had no intention of leaving his office without my medical records.

My husband thought my plan was too complicated, he said the bottom line is it's a heck of a big deal if, infact, his office really did lose my medical records, not to mention a breach of the privacy act...it means any joe on the street could have my medical records and my neuro could care less...why did I not find out about it until I called his assistant? Why didn't they call me? They obviously received my letter...can you tell my husband is angry about this? He thinks I should go to his office and demand a copy of my medical records and if they still say they can't find them, say, "oh really, I believe that's a violation of my privacy rights, do I need to call my lawyer?"....he thinks that will shake them up enough to get results...he says I'll atleast know if they really lost my records or not. Now I only need to find someone to go with me. I think that's what I will end up doing. What do you think?

I'm sorry I wrote a novel today. I had so much to say :D.

Take Care,
Scrappi [/FONT]