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Hello I am new here. I need some help! :(My husband has been taking vicodin, percacet, tramadal, tylenol 3 and even a pain patch called FENTANYL. He takes over the counter pain meds as well. He also takes cymbalta for depression and smokes. For the last couple of months he has been taking vicodin with the pain patch together. He has been taking these meds for a bad back (facet decease) for about 2 years non-stop! I believe he does have pain, but I also think he is major hooked on them! He had surgery and every shot available. He even had his nerves burnt and it did not relieve his pain. I sometimes wonder if his pain is in his head. He NEVER follows the directions and I am afraid they are going to kill him. I have even tried to hide them and only give him his proper dosage. This week was the final straw for me. My children were very sick so I was not able to watch him and he had to get his meds refilled. When I remembered I asked him about his pills. He took in 3 days time 39 pills of vicodin. “13 a day.” "With the patch and alka seltzer"
I was furious! :mad:
I can’t believe he can function after that. I don’t know how to help him. I have cried, screamed, and even threaten to leave him. I think he needs rehab but he is the breadwinner of our family, and we can afford for him to miss work. He has already missed a lot of work do to his pain and is in danger of loosing his job. Is there a way of getting him help privately without his job finding out and missing work? I personally would give up everything to help him but he refused to go to the hospital because of loosing his job.I hope this is the proper forum to ask this. Thank you.