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Ditto. Be completely open and honest. I also take my pain meds with me to my appointment. This way I can show them what I have left or don't, and they can see the strength if needed (especially if I am seeing a different doc).

I asked a pain management nurse once if there was something like Tylenol 3, but maybe less potent and she asked if I had ever tried vicodin. I answered no was she had the doctor prescribe it, and I was shocked at the difference for me in a positive way. Turned out that the T3 had me in a fog that I had no idea I was in. I thought it was the pain making me that way mostly. Wow.. the fog lifted when I started taking the vicodin and now I dont take T-3 anymore. (which is tylenol with codiene).

So when you see a new doctor, it's really really important to inform them of what meds you've had, are taking, and what works for you.

Good luck on the appointment and let us know how it goes.