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What's happened is that the Fentanyl patch is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing and that is supplying your system 24/7. You probably haven't missed the Roxi's because your fentanyl dose is strong enough to not put you into wd.

Many realize that there is a big difference between "addiction" and "physical dependance." The addict is someone who "craves" the drug for the psychological and physical feelings drugs provide....Warmth, euphoria, confidence, energy, and so on. Physical dependance is also known as tolerance. Dependance is when your body is used to having something and when it goes without, you get withdrawals. Most legitimate pain patients never have issues with addiction. Cafeine, sugar, and many other substances can cause physical dependency....Just ask the heavy morning coffee drinker. People who take plain tylenol or aspirin for headaches or other pain soon find out that it doesn't work as well over time.

When/if you stop the patch, you will invariably have some physical wds, but that is normal. However, this is MUCH different than the struggle addicts go through via the mental state of cravings and etc. Of course, you can taper, by reducing your patch all the way down to the 12.5mcg.

Hope this helps, and good luck.