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Hey Nuthatch, sorry you are so blue today. It is a horrible feeling to have people look at you funny or think its all in your head, isnt it?

Let me tell you, dont know who told you the Cspine takes longer than the brain, but in my opinion, mine has always been quicker than the brain. MUCH quicker...Let me know if yours turns out to be longer...Id be surprised.

As for the list you handed your doctor- theres not alot one can say about that. Ive never been an advocate of handing the doctor anything. I DO KEEP LISTS and I do journal and write everything down- but I always talk to my doctor while holding it in my hand...I never let him look at it, because first of all, the length of it would scare him away and secondly, its too detailed.

When I talk to my doctor about new symtoms or issues, I keep it brief. I tell him "lately my ears have been ringing, almost like a buzz" and "My left toes started going numb on me, off and on". I let him then ask me how long this has been happening, and if anything helps (cold water, warm water, tylenol, etc). This allows the doctor to ask the questions he feels are pertinent, and allows me to simply answer his questions without giving him a chance to think anything about me...I dont know if this helps you, but thats how I have found to handle it and avoid questionable looks.

Its not fair that you are feeling this way, and Im sorry you are...but maybe youll get good news from this test...please let us know how you are doing when its over..