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10-325 means 10 oxycondone with 325 mg. of tylenol
5 - 325 means 5 oxycondone with 325 mg. of tylenol

So your surgeon has reduced the amount of oxycondone and you might feel a difference in your pain level.

My heart goes out to you. I faced a similiar experience with my surgeon after surgery except he put me on oxycontin and did not want to refill it after I had been on it for 30 days. This is a medication which must be tapered or you can go into major withdrawals. Fortunately, my family doctor was willing to take over my meds and continues to. If the medication does not cover your pain, I suggest contacting your family doctor, go in to the office, and explain what is happening and hopefully he will write you your scripts.

Good luck and again I am so SORRY this is happening to you.