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With my new symptoms I too am worried about this. I urinate all of the time, and I mean all of the time, yet I am still swollen?? Plus, I still feel like my bladder is full. As far as the BM, I have never been regular there anyway so I wouldn't think to look for a problem there unless I had the opposite such as leakage.

Moldova, I know you have had it so rough this past year but my goodness, I never realized you had to deal with this on top of it all. I just want them to get you well, and I mean 100%. My mother has Crohns disease so we know all about they bathroom thing and going out. She was reconnected several years ago but only has about 7 inches of bowel left. None of the large intestines. While it gives her a better life, there are always leaks, especially if we get her laughing too much. She calms hers down with Tylenol 3. She had to take it for a dental thing and noticed it helped bind her up more so that too has given her back some of her life.

My heart and prayers are with all of you! I won't know more on mine for a bit yet. I see PM tomorrow to see if he can recommend a new doc.